Welcome to digitize-it!
Our mission is very simple. We are here to help you preserve the memories that you cherish for years to come. We can accomplish this task by converting your ordinary pictures into digital ones. 

Although photographs allow you to capture the moment and stop the time, they can't defy the time completely. As the time goes one, the quality of pictures begins to detirate. Just take a look at some of the pictures that were taken a few decades ago. Some of them have spots on them, they have torn edges, some of them are ripped. 

Well, now you can defy the time and save your pictures.  We can scan your pictures, categorize them, put them on the media of your choice and ship them back to you along with the originals. We can also restore damaged photos. Here are just a few services that we offer: 
Scanning of  photos 
Creation of digital photo albums on media of your choice
Creation and maintenance of photo albums on World Wide Web
Correction of minor defects on photos (e.g. removal of scratches)
Compilation of digital photo albums for special events (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays, weddings)
Please feel free to click on any of the above services to learn more. 
If you have any questions, then you can either check out our "Frequently asked questions" page or e-mail us at digitize-it@inimage.com 

We can also perform other operations such as cropping, resizing, sharpenning, etc upon request. Please e-mail us regarding the operation that you would like to perform and we will try to accomadate you. Pricing varies depending on how complicated the project is. 

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