The Story of a Bunny Owner

A tragedy

This story is based on the concept (and some code) from Ken Perlin's
animated story applet.
It makes a lot more sense if you see the original first.

Once upon a time ...

...there lived a Bunny Owner. He owned a bunny. (Hence the name).
Usually the bunny was a very happy creature, jumping and hopping and making all the cute little noises that bunnies express happiness with. But on a rainy morning, the Bunny Owner suddenly noticed that the bunny was sad. The next day the Bunny owner (to his great dismay) discovered that the bunny had died! The Bunny Owner was not a cruel man, and didn't throw the dead bunny in the trash. Instead, he decided to cremate him. After scattering the bunny's dust to the wind, the Bunny Owner bought a new bunny.

The End.