This describes a simple storyline, where there is a "mommy" polly, leading three children.
The last child runs away in the other direction.
Mommy gets out of the line to check on the children, and finds one missing.
She starts being anxious, and the errant child runs back to her. She gives him a piece of her mind, after which they resume on their merry way, with mommy in tow.

Described using the SLAP scripting language.

# describe actions
define idle 0
define scamper 1
define swagger 2
define broadjump 3
define prowl 4
define lumber 5
define dejected 6
define no 7
define yes 8
define hotfeet 9
define sprint 10
define hop 11

# describe actors
define mommy 1
define child1 2
define child2 3
define child3 4

# define a second
define sec 1

# initialize scene.
time 0

# define colors
define red 1 0 0
define green 0 1 0

# and of course PI
define PI 3.1416
define halfpi PI/2

# some directions
define right PI/2
define left -PI/2
define closer 0
define away PI

# the camera is away from the center of the scene, looking toward the pollys
camera position 0 0 -100
camera direction PI/10 0
# the mommy polly is large and red. start out at x=-90
actor mommy size 0.9
actor mommy color red
actor mommy position -2 0 0
actor mommy direction right # facing on the x axis
# the children are smaller, and green. start out behind the mommy
actor child1 size 0.6
actor child1 color green
actor child1 position -4.0 0 0
actor child1 direction right
actor child2 size 0.6
actor child2 color green
actor child2 position -6.0 0 0
actor child2 direction right
actor child3 size 0.6
actor child3 color green
actor child3 position -8.0 0 0
actor child3 direction right

timep 5
# they all start walking to the right, but child3 walks to the left!
actor mommy action swagger
actor child1 action swagger
actor child2 action swagger
actor child3 action idle

timep sec/2
# child3 turns around and runs away
actor child3 direction left
actor child3 action scamper

timep 2*sec # the mother leaves the pack to inspect it
actor mommy direction away
timep sec # mommy stops, and waves "no" as if counting the children
actor mommy action no
# as the children walk past, mommy notices that she is missing one!
# she is upset and starts jumping
actor mommy action hop

# the errant child runs back
actor child3 direction right
actor child3 action sprint

# the first 2 children are stop.
timep 3*sec
actor child1 action idle
actor child2 action idle

# reset the camera
camera direction 0 0

# it will take him 3 seconds to reach the starting point, and
# another 1.5 to catch up. (sprint speed = 2x swagger (?))
timep sec
# the child is sorry.
actor child3 action dejected
# mommy is relieved, but gives child3 a piece of her mind.
actor mommy action no

# after the dressing down, the children walk away
timep 3*sec
actor child1 action swagger
actor child2 action swagger
actor child3 action swagger

timep 2*sec
# with the mommy in tow
actor mommy direction closer # mommy gets back in line
actor mommy action swagger
timep sec
actor mommy direction right # mommy follows the children.

And, CUT!