Shearit Israel First (experimental) High School Class 
(The medical science is totally powerless)

  Shearit Spletnitsa


There were many remarkable events that occurred during our time at Shearit. Below are bits and pieces of what people still remember.

Shearit Spletnitsa


"Zavlyanov" or "Ti chto, drachun?"

I think I am the last person to see Zavlyanov. I think that it happened either in High School or during the first years of college.  Anyway, last time I seen him, he was going away to the army. In addition he developed a strong attraction toward african-american women and was doing some black girl, whose boyfriend had every intention of shooting him.  I am not sure what happened after that, but I haven't seen him or heard of him since.

"Longest Member"

To anybody who cares to know what happened to the longest member of our class, Steve Perelmutor. First of all he stopped growing right after he left SI, so now Kissa is the tallest member of our class.  By the way he is now in Italy starring in a sequal to a My Giant.  Going back to Perelmutor, I don't think he ever graduated from High School, but I am pretty sure  that he went to more than one. I know that he attended Madison and FDR H.S. and probably others.  He hasn't changed much since the last time we seen him, and if ones hangs around Bensonhurst long enough, one will eventually run into Perelmutor.

"Babmi" or "Childhood Trauma"

(I mean, Bambi does get to see his mom get shot or something. If that doesn't account for childhood trauma, I don't know what does. He must have grown up to be one messed up deer.  -- Leva I.)

I think that we should recreate the story of what happened to our school and faculty after we left.  I heard some rumors about Bambi, I am not sure how accurate they are but here is the scoop:

At some point I think Mr. Vlad or Rabbi Moeshe started the Bambi academy. From what I heard originally there were seven partners and they called themselves the lucky seven.  I don't think that I know all seven, but some of them were Mr. Vlad (but of course), Mr. Uegene, Mr. Lediker (by the way a younger Lediker, Arteom has a very nice looking cousin Anna), Ms. Alla ( not Eugenes mothers, but another one, I don't think she was teaching, she was always sitting in the office) and three more partners, I am not sure who they were.  Anyway than Bambi academy entered the years of internal conflicts and struggles for power and two out of seven partners were pushed out.  Than I think two more lost their partnership rights.  From what my sources tell me there are still three partners: Mr. Vlad, Mr. Uegene and Mr. Lediker and all of them are living pretty comfortably.  The Bambi empire has expanded enormously, Alphpa camp, where we were the first victims, is flourishing, and I heard rumors that Mr. Vlad now owns the pool, where they used to take us.

The fate of Henry Kodak.

Henry Kodak was last seen in Seagate on 4th of July, 2001. At least I'm led to believe that I've seen him. The truth is I was passed out on the couch at a friend's house and Kodak came to visit. Alex B. aparently spoke to him and even tried to wake me but to no avail. Kodak, if you recall left Shearit Israel to pursue an education at Styvesant (however you spell that). He is of the distinction of having tried weed before anyone else in our class. How far we have come... Anyways, he's working for some financial company and is still a great proponent of recreational drug use. Aren't we all?

Alright this was the first edition of Shearit Spletnetsa.  None of the information in this issue came from the reliable sources, but no secret is safe in Brooklyn, and pretty soon we'll be able to recreate the history of the AS (after Shearit) years.