Shearit Israel First (experimental) High School Class 
(The medical science is totally powerless)


Name(s) Contact Info  
Lev (Leva, Ari) Iserovich After leaving SI went to Chaim Berlin (yeshiva) for 10-12th grades.
Graduated NYU in CS and Math in 2000
Lives in Brooklyn (Kensignton)
Working at Hewlett Packard (in NJ) -- operating system design
Paul (Pasha, Yaakov) Katz
Attended Murrow HS after SI's abrupt closing
Paul graduated NYU in CS in 2000 and got a job at Barclays Capital.
He went to training in London for 3 months Otherwise resides in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay).
Planning to go to Business school soon.
Eugene (Zhenya, Hirsch) Weinstein (Vaynshteyn)
Left SI for Stuyvesant in 10th grade
Currently in MIT going for a Masters Degree in Electrical Engeneering
Currently resides in Cambridge, Mass (at MIT)
Working for MIT on a speech recognition project.
Apparently still with a girlfriend who went to MIT with him and already graduated. She's now in Houston (ugh) in med school. Look at his website for more info.
Alex (Sasha, Shmuel) Belomlinksiy Left SI for Madison HS
Graduated the School of Visual Arts in 2000. 
Resides in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay)
Now working doing web graphics design. <where?>
Used to work for
Sam (Senya, Shimon) Naydenskiy Left SI for Madison HS
Graduated NYU Stern School of Business in 2000
Resides in Brooklyn (Flatbush)
Going to be working his ass of as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, and going to be able to finance this site, right?
Larry (Valera, Dovid) Ganzman Attended Murrow HS after SI's abrupt closing
Attended Baruch College (CUNY) and graduated August 2001
Working as a Project Manager
Resides in Brooklyn (Midwood)
Currently married to Kristina!
Lev (Leva, Levi) Epshteyn
Attended Murrow HS after SI's abrupt closing
Graduated SUNY Binghamton in 1999 with a degree in CS.
Resides in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay) with Yasha Spektor
Currently working at Aspen Marketing in Downtown Manhattan
Yasha (Yaakov) Spektor Attended Murrow HS after SI's abrupt closing
Transferred from SUNY Binghamton to NYU, and graduated NYU in 2000 with a CS and history degree. Currently in a chronic state of "consulting/unemployment".
Resides in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay)
Michael (Misha, Mendl) Goldenberg After leaving SI went to Stuyvesant HS
Graduated NYU Stern School of Business in 2000 going into investment banking at Salomon Smith Barney (hey, at least they got 1 Jewish guy in there!)
Resides in Brooklyn (Brighton)
Lenya (?) Meerguzov <email needed> A mysterious personality. From what information I gather he has been spotted at Rutgers University, and more recently Bloomberg Financial. Weird stories with women, compasses and ears are circulating...
<more info requested>
Max (Moshe) Proskurovskiy <email needed> Left SI for Madison HS
<college info needed>
Lives somewhere in Brooklyn with Sergey Ivanyuk (Gorelik)
Sergey (?) Ivanyuk (Gorelik)
Left SI for Madison HS
Attended Pace University, then Brooklyn College.
Probably still frying modems (Or DSL routers nowdays?)
Alexander (Sasha) Tochilovsky Left SI for Murrow HS (during the final SI Exodus of 1994)
Graduated from Cooper Union in May 2000 with a degree in art
Sasha studied graphic design and photography, and now works as a Designer at the Center for Design and Typography at the Cooper Union, as well as, Art Director for Proforma Records (
Twin brother of Dmitry (below), both located in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay)
Dmitry (Dima) Tochilovsky Left SI for Murrow HS (as above)
At this point the brothers' paths split, and Dima went to graduated Polytechnic University in May 2000 with a degree in EE (electrical engineering)
Dima is currently working at Montefiore Medical Center as a Network Technician.
As the BrothersTM inform me :
"In the spare time we both keep up our home recording studio, as well as doing live sound engineering at Russian Rock concerts in New York (recent shows include: Chizh& Co, Mitki, Vopli Vidopliasova, Waterwalls-Bremenskie Muzikanti tour)"
Boris (Borya, ?) Savransky Left SI for Murrow HS
Graduated from Pace U. with a degree in Finance.
He is in contact with Leva Epshteyn, and Yasha Spektor. Lives in Brooklyn.
Victor Radzinsky <email needed> Joined SI in 9th grade, and stayed there briefly before moving on to Murrow HS, then Cornell. His track is lost in Ithaca, NY :)
Igor Khodak <email needed> Left SI for Stuyvesant HS, after which he was heard to go to Clark U in MA. He has not been heard from since.
Oleg Filatov <email needed> Had a brief stay in SI during 9th grade. Went to Madison HS, then Polytechnic.
Volodia Goldshtein,? <email needed> Madison H.S., then Polytechnic.
Arkadii (Arkasha) Itkis <email needed> Apparently joined us for 9th grade, before moving to Fair Lawn, NJ, and dissappearing in the NJ void.
Igor Shmushkevich <email needed> left after 9th grade, went to Sheepshead Bay
H.S., then ?
The info about the above 5-6 people was provided by the Twins -- I really do not know more than that. Can anyone provide more info about these people?
Steve (?,?) Perelmuter <email needed> The longest member of our class, as Sam puts it.
Joined in 9th grade, and left later for Lincoln, FDR, and other HS's named for US Presidents. Current whereabouts unknown.
Alex Kaganas <email needed> Left SI for Brooklyn Tech
Moved on to Brandeis University in Boston, MA

No further info is availible.
Zavlyanov blin, what was his God-given name?.. <email needed> Quite a few possible scenarios can be fathomed...
Igor Portman <email needed> Left SI in ninth grade for (drum roll, please)... Be'er Hagolah! (????? ?!?!?? !!!!!)
Subsequently attended Stony Brook, then Pace U.
Zhenya Nepomniashiy <email needed> Seft SI with Igor Portman for Be'er Hagolah.
Subsequently attended Stony Brook, then Pace U.
According to some unverified rumors currently serves in the Navy.
Ne pomniu.

The above is not nearly complete.