Name Info
Rebbi Moshe Fruhthandler ZT"L The greatest rebbi we have had. He has touched all of our lives. We all are despaired at his loss -- a loss of one of the greatest men we will ever meet.
Mrs. Alla Bogomol'naya A great math teacher who gave solid base for college (even in 9th grade!) She led us to get 3rd place in the Math Olympics of NYC. (Team was led by yours truly, although my performance was overshadowed by Misha Goldenberg and Lenya Meerguzov)
Mrs. Alla has gotten re-married, and now lives in Cleveland, Ohio
Mr. Bogomol'niy Whats 7 feet tall and teaches math? 
Ok, whats 7 feet tall?
Mr. Feldman "Von dver', zelenaya!"  "Zavlyanov, ti chto, drachun?"
If you remeber, we actually covered the Theory of Relativity! And I remeber nothing!
Mrs. Feldman Wife of above.
What amazed me the most is how she remebered EVERYONE. 
So we won't give any qoutes or stories here. :)
Mrs. Leibowitz English. Shmel'. 
Mrs. Orzel English. Yasha's family still keeps in touch with her
Mrs. Trotzenki A math teacher diametrically opposite of Mr. Bogomolny.
Mr. Vlad No comment
Zaveduyet detskim sadikom (ot slova "sadism"?) Bambi
R. Moshe Boudilovsky ZT"L Noted principal and part-time history teacher (after that unfortunate incident with mirrors, etc etc)
Unfortunately, R. Moshe recently passed away in Kishenev. His widow and children are now in Israel.
Various Computer Instructors With whom we first learned to hack Novell Netware

There were more victims. Send me info.