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Spring 1990
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Fall 1994
Shearit Israel First (experimental) High School Class 
(The medical science is totally powerless)


  First, lets start with a brief timeline of the school. I don't remember all the details, help me out here people :
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  Also, there were many remarkable events that occurred during our time at Shearit. Click here for the first edition of Shearit Spletnitsa.

Fall 1989 - Spring 1990

Shoroshim hosts a small elementary school for Russian immigrants in one of the rooms in their Coney Island office. Rabbi Moshe Boudilovsky is the principal as well as teacher. The school is co-ed, and has only a few students. (One of them being Lev Iserovich's younger sister)
Fall 1991 - Spring 1992

School grows. The female division branches off, and school moves to Ocean Ave, and is renamed to Shearit Israel. We are in 8th grade. We learn French. (to forget it very soon). We get a computer lab consisting of 286's and a 386-33 server. (pretty high end for that time). We recieve 3rd (?) place at the math olympics. (this year?) 
Spring 1992 - Fall 1992

Rabbi Moshe leaves to somewhere, and in his absence Mr. Vlad organizes something called Camp Alpha. (This is designed to erode any decency the school might have posessed. That plan works.)
Fall 1992 - Spring 1993

We are in 9th grade. We are now the FIRST high school class the school posesses. Rabbi Moshe Fruhthandler (zt"l) joins us. Our number swells to an all-time high. Mr. Bogomolny happens. We act generally stupid while making our way through "To Kill A Mokingbird" over the course of the entire year. (as you can see our work load was somewhat reduced during this year, as French and Biology were deemed unneccessary for our success in future endeavors).
Fall 1993 - Spring 1994

10th grade. Over the course of the summer we lose a number of students to such fine educational establishments as the Yeshiva of Chaim Berlin, Abraham Lincoln High School and Stuyvesant. The older classes (grades 6 through 10) are moved to a building on avenue X, near Norstrand. During the first few months of the year, more students are lost to the public school system, dwindling our number to a meager seven. It is the year of Rabbi Milstein and AP Biology. All attempts to teach us programming die away.
Fall 1994 - Later in the Fall of 1994

11th grade. The magnificent seven return after a summer of frolicking in the sun. They find the school's location has moved once again, this time to Brown st. near avenue U. Three short months later the utopia comes to a grinding halt as the school is declared bankrupt. Our class decides to seek greener pastures in the halls of Edward R. Murrow high school, where we are admitted after much whining.
Here's the short (ok, maybe, not so short) history of Shearit Israel. Move over the dates on the timeline to see what happened. (If you think that moving your mouse over a link to see content on the page is DUMB, you can go here.)