Shearit Israel First (experimental) High School Class 
(The medical science is totally powerless)

   h o n o r a r y   m e m b e r s

i s e r o v i c h
w e i n s t e i n
k a t z
b e l o m l i n s k y
g a n z m a n
n a y d e n s k i y
p r o s k o f f
t o c h i l o v s k y A
t o c h i l o v s k y D
i v a n y u k
e p s h t e y n
s p e k t o r
g o l d e n b e r g

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This site is for all all those who attended the celebrated institution Shearit Israel (may it rest in peace) and were members of its First High School Class. We were the first, the best, and one of the few good things that this great .. ahem .. school produced.

Most of us were present there for 8, 9 and 10th grades in the years 1991-1993, some earlier, some a bit later, until the school came to an abrupt demise. (later to be given CPR, and somewhat revived, but apparently with severe mental trauma)

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Updated the gallery gallery. -leva

Added a Legends page. Submit your stories! Plus a little something for the gallery. -yasha

Revamped the history page. Moved the Shearit Spletnitsa onto a separate page. -yasha

First update to the site in more than a year! The update consists of this news entry. -yasha Also i updated some info on history/member/teacher pages. -leva

A trip somewhere together is proposed. By me. For the July 2nd-4th weekend, proably an outdoor / camping / canoeing, etc activity. Let me know if you are interested, or have any suggestions.

Major front page redesign by Yakov Spektor! Really great professional work. (For free!) Will try to bring the rest of the site into the nice design scheme.

A lot of info has been updated thanks to everyone's input. A few more people joined the list, and I found that there were quite a few members of the class that I have not accounted for. Most of them however did not leave coherent traces for us to follow, so there is a very shady picture as to where half the class disappeared to. :)
Also, don't forget that a chat is scheduled at 10pm, 06/12 at

First major upgrade. Great image by Alex Belomlinsky! Thanks dude! Site now in several pages

Eugene Vaynsteyn set up a maillist for us at, called "shearit". If you are not subscribed, send an email to me, or to Eugene. (its an invite-only list)

Site created, feedback and help requested.


Special mention, and a tribute
to Rebbi Moshe Fruhthandler ZT"L
who has made such a lasting impression on our lives.
Let us always remember him.

A message from a site's creator

The site was composed by me, Lev (Ari) Iserovich, after my college graduation, when I realized that we should renew our old ties, lest we forget them. The site underwent a couple of minor design changes in its very short life, and is still considered to be a "work-in-progress".

Hopefully this will look better and contain some more info pretty soon as I put some work into this (and, please, feel free to help).

Next up -- a LOT more info, more people, pictures, homepages, ICQ #'s, some stories of the good old days, and maybe we'll find and digitize that video we made of Shearit Israel.. (without those intro and ending sequences if you know what I mean.) Right now its late at night, and all I can muster is to compose a brief list of people I kept in some contact with, and what contact info I can provide. I urge everyone to email me with info about yourself and others, pictures, etc etc.

Send comments, info, flames, explosive devices, etc to : Leva ([email protected])
Revised page design : Yakov Spektor ([email protected])